SAD: 93% of gov’t workers are paid up to GH¢2,007 monthly, SURVEY

SAD: 93% of gov’t workers are paid up to GH¢2,007 monthly SURVEY. According to the Centre for Socioeconomic Studies (CSS), public sector employees’ remuneration is becoming more unequal.

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Nine out of every ten public sector employees in Ghana earn less than GH2,007.14 a month.

More than six out of ten of the nation’s public sector employees are expected to earn a monthly web pay between GH1,720.75 and GH2,208.10 in 2021, according to the government’s data.

However, the remaining 30.74 percent of public sector employees got a monthly web pay ranging from GHC 2,257.94 to GHC 2,797.85, with an average of GHC 2,527.89.

According to these figures, 92.6 percent of all public sector employees in Ghana will receive a monthly web pay of between $1,720.75 and $2,797.85 in the year 2021.

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For the year 2022, the government increased the salary of all public sector employees by 7%.

Even with a 7% pay increase, the official inflation rate of 27.6% means that the value of the average public sector employee’s net compensation has decreased by 20.6 percent in real terms.

In other words, in 2022, the 61.86 percent of all public sector employees would earn GH1,559.75 instead of the GH1,964.42 they earned in 2021.

Also, the GH2,007.14 salary of the 30.74 percent of all public sector employees in 2021 will be GH2,007.14 in 2022.

There should be an increase in the incomes and compensation of 92.6 percent of public sector employees, according to a report from the Center for American Progress (CAP).

If this problem isn’t addressed, it poses a severe national security danger and jeopardizes the state’s existence as well as the everyday lives of its residents.

According to this group, the National Tripartite Committee, Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, the Labour Commission, and other labor organizations should refocus their approach to labor issues.

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