University of Exeter Scholarships 2023

Business School, The University of Exeter is offering management and business MRes + Ph.D. scholarships.

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Details About University of Exeter Scholarship

  • Type of Qualification at University of Exeter’s Business School: PhD
  • Location: Exeter
  • Support: UK students
  • Funding range: from £21,789.60 annually (i.e., salary plus stipend). Complete tuition at the UK/international rate
  • Time: Full Time
  • Opening Date: October 27, 2022
  • Closes: January 20, 2023
  • Reference: 4553

Scholarship Description

The World-class researchers who will influence our understanding of and responses to the most significant social challenges are trained at the University of Exeter Business School.

For the most remarkable candidates who want to finish a Ph.D. in management and business, we have a very substantial funding program. The University of Exeter Business School’s Research Masters (MRes), which offer a rigorous foundation in the abilities necessary to undertake high-quality research, is initially funded for successful applicants to complete.

Students who meet the requirements for the Ph.D. program will thereafter be given support for full-time study in one of the Ph.D. programs offered by the University of Exeter Business School.

Information On Funding

  • Total annual compensation (wages plus stipend): £21,789.60
  • Complete tuition at the UK/international rate
  • 180 hours of teaching pay: approximately £3238.20 (2022/23 rate, subject to tax and national insurance)
  • £18551.40 per year (2022–23 rate)
  • Additionally, money for research, development, and conference attendance is available to students.

The scholarship includes a requirement that students labor 23 days (180 hours) a year as teaching / research assistants. This is an important element of your education and will help you leave the Business School as a highly qualified researcher and teacher. Only full-time students are accepted into the program, and they must reside in Exeter.

The one-year MRes in Management program is the first step in the Management and Business pathway students’ preparation for a Ph.D. in a field that calls for a variety of techniques and a firm theoretical foundation (e.g., management, entrepreneurship, accounting).

Students will have plenty of time to study a variety of themes and get to know the faculty before decisions on the Ph.D. topic and supervision are made around the end of the MRes.



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