Who is Gwen Torrence? Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who is Gwen Torrence? Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Age, Parents, Instagram.

Who is Gwen Torrence?

Gwendolyn Lenna Torrence is a retired American sprinter and Olympic gold medalist. She was born in Decatur, Georgia. She attended Columbia High School and the University of Georgia.

Torrence won medals at the Summer Olympics, Outdoor & Indoor World Championships, Pan American Games, Goodwill Games, and World University Games.

In 1988, Torrence achieved a tie with Evelyn Ashford in the 55 m race at the U.S. national indoor championships. She also had many battles both on the track and in the press with Florence Griffith Joyner.

In the 200 m at the 1995 World Championships, she was disqualified for stepping out of her lane after finishing first. This left her idol, Merlene Ottey, to be promoted to first place.

In 2000 she was inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

What is Gwen Torrence’s net worth?

Gwen Torrence is a 56-years-old American Runner from the United States of America who has a net worth of $5 million.

Who is Gwen Torrence’s husband?

Manley Waller is the husband of Gwen Torrence. Torrence won her thirty-third straight race in the 1988 Millrose Games, which were once more hosted at Madison Square Garden

Does Gwen Torrence have kids?

Gwen Torrence had a son called Manley Waller, Jr. who was born late in 1989

How old is Gwen Torrence?

Gwen Torrence was born on June 12, 1965 (age 57 years) in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Who are Gwen Torrence’s Parents?

Information about her parents is kept away from the public.

Who are Gwen Torrence’s siblings?

Information about her siblings is kept away from the public.

What is Gwen Torrence’s Instagram?

Gwen Torrence is not active on Instagram.

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