Who are Heike Drechsler Parents? Meet Erika Daute and Gunther Daute

Who are Heike Drechsler Parents? Meet Erika Daute and Gunther Daute. Heike Gabriela Drechsler is a German former track and field athlete who represented East Germany and later Germany. One of the most successful long jumpers of all time, she is a former world record holder and ranks third on the all-time list with her legal best of 7.48 meters in 1988.

Drechsler was born in Gera, Bezirk Gera, East Germany now Thuringia, Germany.
As a teenager she was active in the Free German Youth and in 1984 she was elected to the Volkskammer of East Germany.

Initially a very competitive long jumper early in her career as a teenager, Drechsler made a transition into the world of elite sprinting in 1986 at the age of 21.

She married Andreas Drechsler in July 1984 and competed as Heike Drechsler from then on. She was coached by Erich Drechsler, her father-in-law.

In October 1986, she was awarded a Star of People’s Friendship in gold for her sporting success. Several German websites, including her own, claim that Heike Drechsler was voted “Athlete of the Century” in 1999 by the IAAF.

This is not quite correct: she was put on the “shortlist”, but the award was given to Fanny Blankers-Koen.

Heike Drechsler Parents: Meet Erika Daute and Gunther Daute

Erika Daute and Gunther Daute are the parents of Heike Drechsler. There is no other information about them apart from their names.

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