“You can’t pay for this body” – Efia Odo snubs JayBhad

“You can’t pay for this body” – Efia Odo snubs JayBhad. An offer to a romantic encounter extended by JayBahd was curtly declined by Efia Odo.

JayBahd was rendered powerless in a video that went viral on social media after he was impressed by Efia Odo’s sassy figure. The video features JayBahd.

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It was impossible for Jahbahd to resist the impulse to approach her when she was dressed in an outfit that was reminiscent of that worn by strippers.

However, Efia Odo was rude to him and broke-shamed him by telling him that he did not qualify for her body since he did not have the financial muscle necessary.

“You can’t afford this body” – Efia Odo said to him after he continued to talk her into accepting him.

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