You wanted to embarrass Dr. UN and not to interview him – Blakk Rasta to Delay

You wanted to embarrass Dr. UN and not to interview him – Blakk Rasta to Delay.

The recent interview that Delay had with Kwame Fordjour, more well known as Dr. UN, has been met with mostly unfavorable reception.

Blakk Rasta, whose real name is Abubakar Ahmed and who is a radio personality, has said that the interview that Delay had with Dr. UN was nothing more than an assault.

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According to the assessments, Delay might have done a better job than assuming an established stance before the interview, which gave the impression that the interview was an assault on the person of Dr. UN.

Blakk Rasta, who was angered by the interview, said on his program that he could not have tolerated participating in an interview of such kind.

“I couldn’t have sat in such an interview and be humiliated the way UN was sought to be humiliated. It was an attack. This is a guy who has been to the University, you have not been to the University.

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He’s telling you he has been to Harvard, could we not investigate that rather than attacking him and telling him that everything he’s doing is false? What is this nonsense,” he lashed.


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